“Metal dies!!!1!!!” “The scene is dead!!1!” “Everything is getting worse!”

Do you know that?
My experience with Metalheads in Berlin is, that they are all so incredible trve, that they are the untruest you can imagine. In Germany, especially Berlin, we are incredibly blessed. With Heavy Metal I mean. So many concerts, parties, bars and clubs, you could live in a pure “Metal-World”! Well, nearly. But you know what? They – complain.

“Yeah, well, right but the xy-club had to close man! Big extinction of clubs, didn’t you hear?”
Well, then what about this club? Or that one? Or this or that or…?
“You can’t go there, it’s full of (insert any sub-genre of Metal or other “dark” music)-people!”
“It’s not like it used to be”
“They serve the wrong beer”
“The owner sucks”
“Too many Nazis”(may be exchanged with “Too many Antifas”)

Alright hypothetical situation:
Metalhead meets Metalhead. Looks at him from feet to nose and decides the other one is wearing the wrong bandshirt. Goes his way.

Same scene in South America. No, better Canary Islands, that is where i live (though I have been told that it is pretty much the same in most parts of South America):
Metalhead meets Metalhead. This fact is for both a reason to have a party.

Hmmm. Now say, who is the true one?

Here on Lanzarote there is no Metalclub. At least there is one where you have alternative, Punk or other concerts sometimes, the “TSUNAMI”. There you have Hippies next to Surfers next to Punks next to Gothicgirlies next to Metalheads next to Rockers, altogether having fun, probably to music most of them would never listen to if they had “their” scene. There is no scene of “Heavys” as they are called here, well, there is even a Death Metal Band. But a scene, naw.

And honestly, i’m fine with that. After not having been “out” for about two years i was in Germany and used this to go to a Metalparty in my home city. First of all, everyone had to get quite drunk for being able to have at least a bit of fun, which was already a bit boring. But well. And then, what did I hear first of all? Not “How great, we have a monthly Metalparty!” no, but “Aw, man, after five years it is kinda lame, you know?”

I would also not want to bang my head to “Holy Diver” every weekend, but… well. Actually I would. ;-) But if “always the same” is boring you it is up to ZOU to change that, or not? Wish for other songs, bring new CDs, make better music, go to a therapy because of your fucking depression, or whatdoiknow.

It reminds me to the old song and dance: “Duh, the Kasi (K17, Club in Berlin)  is so shit. Like, just a mating party and the DJ xyz totally sucks and all the rest of it.” “So, you won’t go there?” “Sure I do.” …
Or “What, you really USE Metalflirt (german website)?” “Uhm, yeah, well, I, I do. You don’t have a profile there?” “Well, i do, but, I mean, I don’t use it, like I check every few days only and anyway, i often considered leaving it.”

…this slight trend to mourn and complain in our wealthy (metal-)society can be found everywhere.

To me, the “crisis (which i see more as a basic change of economy, politics and society at all) is a big chance for us. We kinda need it. And a “metalcrisis” is good as well! See:

Think back to the panic when Nu-Metal came up an most terrible kinds of Crossover where created and everyone went “OH NO METAL IS DYING!!!11!”
What happened? Today more bands than ever make “classical” Metal again, thetre is a boom of Rock’nRoll and Old School. I would even say, musical skills are “in” again, because besides a lot of repetetive crap there is quite a few really good new bands. And even some of the grown-up Nu-Metalers make really good music now. *cough cough* (Can’t believe I admit that.)

What do you think?


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