My favourite Webcomics – add


There’s a site named ZAMPANO featuring work of David Boller, Rene Lehner and Rudolph Perez.

Attention: Graphic Novels, not strips = basic reading skills needed.

I really like them, especially David Bollers “Air” and my absolute fave is his autobiographical “Endless Sky”. Probably because my teenage-me likes the teenage-David who seems like a funny long-haired, Death-Metal-playing comic guy – from friggin’ Switzerland! Mountains, Money, Cheese, Chocolate, H.R. Giger and… well, Comics, apparently.

Here are two appetizers:

David Boller – Endless Sky – page 6

David Boller – Endless Sky – page 7


P.S.: Only few blog entries in the last and next time because of the loss of a family member. But I’m fine so far, just slower.


My favourite Webcomics


Just a boring list of links. Ah, no, i will add an example of each webcomic, that would be better, right? Yeah, good idea. Now i will spend three hours finding my favourite xkcd, unable to decide. Great. There goes my friday.

XKCD: Mattress

Yeah, well, XKCD. If you don’t know that yet, you are probably new to the internet.

Cyanide and Happiness

You find Cyanide and Happiness at Explosm. Mean black humor, often stupid. Just what i like.

SMBC: Dumbpiphany

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – i really want to know why it’s got that name. Intelligent, a lot of science jokes, great jokes about sexism (which is the best feminism), and some funny short films.

Beetlebum – Nichts als die Wahrheit

Beetlebum is a german one, but some issues exist in english and french. Find out yourself.

Sachen gibt’s… – Stimmungskiller

“Sachen gibt’s…” is also in german, i will translate this one for you because i like it:

“Please stay back!” “What happened there?” “I think someone went berserk in the movie theater and attacked people.” “I heard he tried biting them.” “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! I HAD TO DO IT!!!” “THEY WERE TALKING! TALKING THE WHOLE TIME! DURING A HORROR MOVIE! TALKING WITHOUT A PAUSE! SURELY YOU SEE MY POINT, OFFICER?!”

Sarah Burrini – First Strip

Sarah Burrini, She-Geek number one of the german web. Her webcomic Life is no Pony Farm is available in english and german.

Channelate – Jippers

Channelate is another dark and often cynical thing. I gotta soft spot for the mean ones…

Bug – Letter

I found BUG through explosm. They always have some nice links there. And i can really identify with this cockroach.

Romantically Apocalyptic – Issue 3

Yeah, Romantically Apocalyptic is the best endtime-graphic-novel online i would say. Since Warren Ellis finished his Freakangels there was a kind of hole, that has been filled for me now. I love zee captain and i am still not sure if i should not better have chosen for “MEIN CAKE!” as an example.

Lapinot – Folge 800

The last german one, is currently put on hold: Lapinot is for me a big motivation not to stop my own stuff. Unless my tries to draw are on hold just the same… Coincidence?